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How to get into the sports industry:

Interview with Georges Ibrahim & Agent Raed Kassis

To all sports lovers:

To everyone who wanted to become a football agent and work internationally in the number one sports industry in the world! This interview is for you!!

Watch it and learn on how you can start building your dream career, a life changing career that will boost your life to a whole new level!!

CFFA, which is the first program in the Middle-East, is an Accredited Certificate from CPD (United Kingdom) created by Rk6 Sports Management and professionals in different sectors of the football field in order to train people with passion for football on becoming Professional Football Agents.

This program will be tutored by international instructors of high and well know positions in different markets of the football business, these instructors will help all participants to learn the skills, the strategies, the steps to overcome challenges and all the necessary requirements needed to represent a football player.

Agent Raed Kassis, founder of Rk6 Sports Management which is the only Lebanese international sports agency based in Lebanon, he has done many transfers and represented 1st division international players from different markets worldwide and dedicated his effort on growing a network of agents to cover as much markets worldwide as he can.

Eng Georges Ibrahim, Managing partner at CFFA, having a mind for business and a passion for sports and after being inspired by the agent Raed Kassis who is the only licensed Lebanese Fifa Agent to work internationally, he dedicated his effort on helping every person with a passion for football to start his career in this field.

Check their website for more info:
Or contact them on:
Email: info@cffaglobal.com
Phone: +961 81 262 235

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