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Startup Minute is a global entrepreneurial culture media and technology company focused on the digital generation. Startup Minute aims to empower the youth and inspire them to pursue their full potentials.

Our mission is to educate the #Youth about life's opportunities and support them in chasing their dreams.

A global video community powered by passion

Based out of Lebanon, Startup Minute features a series of programs such as The Podcast and Interviews with entrepreneurs, creators, and makers on how they got started, as a way to motivate others to learn more and get started.

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We also cover the most innovative executives, organizations, products, and technologies transforming our lives and economy by enabling and nurturing an entrepreneurial culture and driving forward the digital shift. Did we mention that we create our own originals?

Staying informed, inspired, motivated, and entertained is easier with Startup Minute Spotlights , News , & Originals!

A new generation media platform mentality

Startup Minute is an online media platform focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, and change.

It all started with wanting to publish the stories mentioned above and needing a social media platform for that purpose. Hence, the Startup Minute platform was created and we actually were the first to get started.

We're building the technology that will enable other entrepreneurs and storytellers to create and publish their own stories through our app; engaging in meaningful conversations, getting their opinions heard, inspiring, educating, and entertaining others, and more importantly, to serve as launchpad for their careers.

Startup Minute is the platform for you to get inspiration, learning opportunities, tools and last but not least, share your own knowledge.

Regardless of where entrepreneurship stories unfold in the world, Startup Minute users provide passionate opinions.

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Ramez Tawil

Ramez Tawil


Startup Minute's first user on the platform, he casually hosts our programs: Interviews & Spotlights. He's also the founder and creator of Startup Minute. He wears multiple hats to foster our entrepreneurial culture. What would your channel bring to the world?

Ahmad Zarif

Ahmad Zarif

Video Content Creator

Startup Minute's first freelance creator on the platform, he's a self-taught photo and video creator with a vision based on combining media and skill to reach new heights. Ahmad produced the first seasons of Interviews, Spotlights, and The Podcast.

Jalal Achkar

Jalal Achkar

Video Creator, Animator

Community member since Jan 14, 2019 making random videos in the categories: entertainment & humor.

Rawya Othman

Rawya Othman

Solopreneur @RAW

Community member since Jan 17, 2019 sharing her passion for creating hand painted denim pieces for her beautiful brand in the categories: fashion & design.

Beirut Records & Ent

Beirut Records & Ent

Record Label & Entertainment Agency

Community member since Jan 29, 2019 serving you the sweet quantum entanglement of poetry and music, produced in Beirut city and served straight to your chest.

Abdallah Sabra

Abdallah Sabra

Creator of The Couple Bites

Community member since Jan 30, 2019 sharing his passion for cooking. He's a husband and a father for the beautiful Mila. Working as a personal banker at one of the most reputable banks in Lebanon for 6 years, he started cooking to avoid junk and delivered food.

Cynthia Mohsen

Cythina Mohsen

News Anchor

Community member since Feb 19, 2019 presenting Startup Minute News. She's a Cinephile reaching for the stars 🌌

Hazar Abu Shakra

Hazar Abu Shakra

News Anchor & Video Editor

Community member since Feb 19, 2019 presenting the news with excessive smiles for absolutely no reason ! 🙈

Sarah Refai

Sarah Refai

Community Member

Co-Founder of Coconut-Media, Personal Brand & Growth Expert. Check out her channel in our network section and ask us to register yours!

Sergio Moukarzel

Sergio Moukarzel

Apps of our Lives

Entrepreneurship, productivity, and startups consultant. Sergio hosts the weekly Startup Minute original "Apps of our Lives". He's here to help you find the best apps out there!

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